My New Love For Writing Short Stories

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Short story writing was never something that I felt I would ever be good at. I’ve always had grandiose ideas that required world-building or long plots in order to be executed. Nothing that I felt could be written into a short story.

However, that mindset has changed. Somehow. I’m unsure how this new mindset came about, but I am grateful for it. This week alone, I have written three short stories*. All three of which, I am extremely proud of. They are much different from my usual work.

*and I’m working on a few more!

I am typically a playful writer, making my narrator very human as to not isolate the audience from the content. This past year I wrote a coming-of-age film following a mad scientist’s daughter and her discovery of the value of honestly. I’ve also written about a girl who gets sucked into her DnD campaign. Heck, my next large project in the works is a duology book series focused on a pro-wrestler turned vampire. That’s freaking silly as all get out!

However, the narrators and their journeys in my short stories are much darker. I don’t want to spoil you (Gotta get them cross-views!), so I won’t go into detail of the stories. I just think it’s quite an interesting contrast to the things I usually write. It’s left me with a couple of questions for myself.

Is it a sign of maturity in my writing?

No. And yes?

I say no because I don’t think playful content is inherently immature. I’m a comedian, after all. I find great value in making art that entertains (and sneakily teaches you a lesson or uncovers a truth about the human condition).

On the other hand, I say it is a sign of maturity in my writing. Never before have I been so brave to go out of my comfort zone to this degree and write in this style. It’s quite vulnerable to go in this direction and to also share it with the world.

Is this writing valuable?

My automatic answer: yes, of course. Practicing any skill in any capacity is valuable. You can never arrive at the level of master unless you take risks and actually sit down and perform the task. Writing anything for any audience is always going to be valuable. (ShaelinWrites on Youtube has a great video on this very subject.)

On top of that, these small projects have already inspired three other works of writing that are trying to squeeze their way to the top of my project list.

Where are my sparks of creativity coming from?

Creativity can come from anywhere. I’ve gotten inspiration from my real life, movies and TV shows, and random photos found on Pinterest.

However, my favorite source of inspiration as of late has been “mood playlists” I have found on YouTube. These playlists include an eye-catching title (usually describing a scenario) and a curation of songs that relate to the title.

For example, my first story (“Written For Me”) written this week was inspired by this playlist:

I want to give so much credit to the channel, Coraline Secret, for creating such a beautiful title and playlist that helped me come up with one of the most unique short stories I have ever written. Some of the other channels I have enjoyed mood playlists from are ellekatelouise, olivaalee, and snowdrops. Please check them out if you ever need some inspiration.

I hope you guys join me on this journey as I travel farther into the world of writing short stories. If you ever use a mood playlist for your story, please link it in the comments below. I would love to boost your story as much as I can.

Remember, creativity stems from anywhere and no idea can be a bad idea until you explore it at least a little!



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